ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium

ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium
ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium ON SALE Crocodile Joe Gecko Vivarium
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Comes with: **Microclimate ministat 100**, **Microclimate heat mat**, **Deluxe Hide**, **Desert Backdrop**, **Water & Food bowl**, **Sand & Sphagnum Moss substrate**, **Thermometer** 


Arcadia Natural Sunlight 12" 8 Watt  2% UVB linear tube - Arcadia Reflector 12" 8 Watt- Arcadia Ultra Seal fluorescent lighting Controller 12" 6/8w 

 Following the success of Crocodile Joe’s Snake Vivarium `The Daintree` we are pleased to introduce `The Babinda`, a Gecko vivarium and starter kit, designed with the same principals and thought process that made the Daintree so popular.

Crocodile Joe has translated his experience with reptiles and his vast knowledge of wild habitats to recreate a fun, safe environment that both you and your Gecko will enjoy. The unique tubing structure and false floor hide enables your Gecko to explore and act as it would in the wild. Your Gecko will enjoy the security and safety of the extended hide, whilst the tubing will ensure you can still appreciate your pet as he goes about exploring.

Again, we have made this product with first time Gecko owners in mind, as well as those who are looking to upgrade their current glass and perhaps unexciting tank. It comes with everything you need to start (except the Gecko!) and you also have access to the exciting world of crocodilejoes.com that includes helpful tips, on line tutorials, as well as advice and support with all aspect of your pet`s care.

Following years of working with and rescuing reptiles, Crocodile Joe brings his wealth of experience into his fantastic products, features include:

**Suitable for Leopard, Fat Tailed & other ground dwelling species of Gecko’s

**Modern and slick design, made from acrylic, which is about half the weight of glass and 16 times stronger. It also retains 20% more heat than a glass tank

**Tubing to stimulate your Gecko's natural curiosity, enabling it to explore as they would in their natural habitat, as well as increasing the floor space your Gecko has available.

**Sliding top with several safety features in place to avoid escapees and minimise injury sometimes associated with front  sliding doors.

**It has a bright colour theme with a crocodile skin print and `Babinda’ desert backdrop – as well as looking great, Geckos don`t like being viewed from 360 degree angle so this encourages calmer behaviour.

**An integrated, deluxe hide with sphagnum moss will provides a humid microclimate for help with shedding, hiding or laying - offering perfect refuge for your pet, ensuring a secure and happy Gecko.

**A heat mat shelf for the heat mat to sit in – The unique heat mat shelf enables the safe and efficient use of a heat mat. The heat mat simply slides in-between the two panes of acrylic ensuring the enclosures occupant never comes into contact with the mat.

**A Microclimate Mini Stat 100 - is a well trusted thermostat which is used with Heat Mats to ensure the mat does not heat your vivarium above the safe limits for your reptile. The thermostat is a simple device which will stop your heat mat  from heating the tank once your temperature limit is reached. Thermostats are important as even in a well set up tank  the temperature can fluctuate.

**Water bowl, feeding bowl & thermometer.

**Simple to assemble – comes with easy to use printed instructions and online tutorial.

**Access to online advice and support area.

“Wild World Products aims to evolve and inspire the exotics and reptile industry by designing products that create a better experience for both owners and pets”


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