Crocodile Joe Snake Vivarium

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Comes with: **Microclimate ministat 100**, **Microclimate heat mat**, **Coconut Hide**, **Rainforest Backdrop**, **Water Bowl**, **Aspin substrate**, **Thermometer**, **Tubing**.

This exciting Vivarium is the very first of its kind and has been created with both animals and owners in mind! It comes with a simple one plug `ready to go` starter kit – includes everything to get you going except your snake! This product is perfect for those looking to buy their first snake or for those wanting to upgrade their traditional and perhaps unexciting glass tank.

Following years of working with and rescuing reptiles, Crocodile Joe brings his wealth of experience into his fantastic products, features include:

*Suitable for hatchlings, juveniles and small adult snakes

*Modern and slick design, made from acrylic, which is about half the weight of glass and 16 times stronger. It also retains  20% more heat than glass tank.

*Tubing that enables the snakes to climb and explore as they would in their natural habitat.

*Sliding top with several safety features in place to avoid escapees and minimise injury to snakes sometimes associated  with front sliding doors.

*It has a bright colour theme with a crocodile skin print and 'Daintree' forest backdrop - as well as looking great, snakes don't like being viewed from 360 degree angle so this encourages calmer behaviour.

*A heat mat shelf for the heat mat to sit in - The unique heat mat shelf enables the safe and efficient use of a heat mat.  The heat mat simply slides in-between the two panes of acrylic ensuring the enclosures occupant never comes into  contact with the mat.

*Simple to assemble - comes with easy to use printed instructions and online tutorial.

*Access to online advice and support area

“Wild World Products aims to evolve and inspire the exotics and reptile industry by designing products that create a better experience for both owners and pets”


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