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At Crocodile Joe's animal welfare is paramount, not only does Crocodile Joe have a duty of care to these animals but he also has a legal obligation to look after them whilst at home, during transportation and whilst out on visits.

Crocodile Joe is involved with reptile rescues and he is approved by a reputable animal welfare organisation. The majority of the animals which come into Crocodile Joe's require a lot of attention. Many suffering from severe burns, missing limbs, malnutrition and general neglect. Months can be spent trying to regain the animal's confidence and trust. None of the animals that come into the care of Crocodile Joe's are ever sold or bred from. All of the animals were born and bred in captivity.

Crocodile Joe has 23 years experience of working with reptiles and rehabilitating them. Crocodile Joe is totally dedicated to his animals and spends hours with them in different environments and exposes them to different noises, smells and surroundings, this ensures that the animals  feel safe and secure in any environment. These animals are gradually introduced to his shows with minimum handling which is gradually increased over a period of time

These animals require very specific care and the key to successfully owning and looking after any exotic species is based on an understanding and re-creation of their natural environment. By mimicking nature, many of the common diseases that lead to the ultimate demise of many exotic species in captivity may be avoided.

Crocodile Joe's animals are kept in very large vivariums with specific heating, lighting, humidity, stimulation, hides, food and water, all the animals are also provided with environmental enrichment such as trees and branches to climb.

Crocodile Joe' travels all over the UK with his animals and because reptiles  cannot control their internal body temperature, this means that Crocodile Joe has to make sure that they are kept warm whilst being transported. During transportation  all the animals are provided with heat mats to ensure that they are nice and warm.


Crocodile Joe has several of each animal and ensures that one animal is not repeatedly used in his shows and gives them time to eat, rest and allows them to display their natural behaviour. If an animal shows any sign of distress, fear or illness then the animal is not used.

Crocodile Joes animals are registered with Ashleigh Exotic Vets, Manchester

Crocodile Joe is fully insured and risk assessed.  These documents are available to view at your request.

Should anyone have any questions or concerns about Crocodile Joes animals welfare then please contact Crocodile Joe at