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Crocodile Joe (Founder)

Crocodile Joe is a regular face on UK Television from children's CBBC's The Prank Patrol, BBC's Blue Peter, BBC's Animal 24/7, Animal Planet &  ITV's The Paul O'Grady Show. Crocodile Joe's love, passion and expertise for reptiles & conservation has taken him all over the world.  Crocodile Joe has appeared in many newspaper & magazine articles including being 'Pets at Home'  Reptile Welfare adviser in their 'My VIP' magazine.

More recently Joe has taken his 'Wild World' Educational Reptile roadshow to Cornwall's Eden Project, Bourne Leisures: Haven Holidays 34 sites throughout the UK,  Devon's greatest adventure park 'Crealy', Holiday Villages on the Isle Of Wight and Hayling Island, Excel's London Pet Show, the NEC's National Pet Show and Event City's Family Pet Show &  ITV's 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' show case 2015.

Crocodile Joe has translated his experience with reptiles and his vast knowledge of wild habitats into his own range of reptile care products which launched at the London Pet Show in May 2014.

Crocodile Joe was recognized this year by the RSPCA  and was awarded with the 'James Newton Memorial Award' this was given to him for his dedication and commitment towards the welfare of reptiles. Crocodile Joe is now one of the UK's only approved reptile rescue specalist working with large UK animal welfare organisations, police, customs & UK border agency.

Crocodile Joe is a conservationist who was given the name “Crocodile Joe” by the Aborigines whilst working with crocodiles in Australia. During his time there Joe worked with the Aborigines & Zoologists tracking crocodiles for research purposes, as well as rescuing and relocating dangerous reptiles from residential areas. Crocodile Joe worked with reptiles in Australia for 10 years.

Crocodile Joe is fully insured, risk assessed and CRB checked.

Crocodile Joe is a full UK member of The British Herpetology Society

All reptiles are owned by Crocodile Joe, they are all born and bred in captivity and looked after by veterinary surgeon Molly Varga MRCVS BVetCertMedDZoomed, they are never bred from or sold.



‘Spartacus’ is a 14ft Saltwater Crocodile, he roamed the Northern Territories in a place called ‘Weipa’ far North Queensland Australia for about 80 to 90 years. ‘Spartacus’ is the name of a warrior.

Whilst living in Wiepa ‘Spartacus’ became know to the local people as a rogue crocodile. Spartacus was smashing boats and trying to eat people. The local people had tried to kill ‘Spartacus’ on numerous occasions, he had been shot in his right eye as an attempt on his life.

Steve Irwin was approached and asked to capture ‘Spartacus’ to prevent him from being killed or from him killing someone. Steve Irwin brought him back to the Melaluca Crocodile Farm on the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland Australia. Spartacus was to live the rest of his days as a breeder at this farm. his is where Crocodile Joe met Spartacus, whilst carrying out his research.

One month later Spartacus died. Crocodile Joe together with a team of Zoologists and Vets carried out a post mortem on Spartacus, they discovered that his entire stomach, which is the same size as his head was rammed solid with congealed plastic bags. Crocodile Joe decided to preserve Spartacus, with the entire process taking over 12 months, he then flew Spartacus back to the UK. Crocodile Joe wanted to educate people about the devastation caused to animals all over the world by plastic bags and use Spartacus` and his story as an educational tool.


Melissa is Crocodile Joe's partner, she attends events with Joe and is on hand whilst Crocodile Joe's  'Educational Reptile Roadshow' is touring the UK. Melissa has a wealth of knowledge and vast experience of working with animals particuarly reptiles.

In 2005 Melissa began dedicating her life working  within a large animal welfare organisation where she has spent the last 10 years, this is where Crocodile Joe and Melissa met and their adventure began.

Melissa also coodinates Joe's hectic schedule, On-line Retail venture, product development, education and animal rescue work.

Melissa is also the founder and head buyer/researcher for Joe's brand new On-Line store and works behind the scenes with importing children's products from overseas.


As Crocodile Joe`s manager, Alexandra has the exciting task of working with Crocodile Joe on a daily basis - managing his diary, personal appearances and school visits, charitable commitments, TV and commercial work … responding to all requests and enquiries that come our way and also speaking with new companies that share our passion for reptiles, education and the environment about joining our tight knit commercial family.

Alex's background in managing professional footballers commercial portfolios means she is perfectly placed to look after our family of partners, making sure companies such as The Eden Project, Haven Holidays, Pets at Home, Eastland Homes, local authorities and event companies all work well together with Crocodile Joe.

Alex is also one of the founding business partners of 'Wild World' Products, sourcing suppliers from around the world to bring our range of exciting reptile homes and accessories to pet stores across the UK.

Alex is also the founder and head buyer/researcher for Joe's brand new On-Line store and works behind the scenes and imports reptile products from overseas.

Having swapped the football pitch for the jungle, Alexandra is enjoying the challenge of getting to know more about the wonderful world of reptiles!

Spartacus and CJ

MascotsCrocodile Joe believes that all education should be fun and has devised two cartoon-like costume mascots to accompany him on his educational road show and parties.  He has named one “CJ” and the other, “Spartacus' the cuddly crocodile”. Both costumes are really eye catching in their detail and finish, the result of hundreds of hours of thought and hard work.

Sid starred alongside Crocodile Joe in the Children’s BBC programme ‘The Prank Patrol’ in particular ‘Croc  Shock’ and he is 3 years old. Spatacus was named after the real life Crocodile that Joe brought back over from Australia to the UK.

CJ is also 3 years old and both mascots attend schools and other events with Crocodile Joe and his team.