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The Crocodile Joe Experience starts with a brief introduction of Crocodile Joe, followed by some of the children joining him to play some musical instruments such as  the didgeridoo... all the instruments represent an animal sound and the group create all the sounds of the rainforest, setting the scene for a morning or afternoon of excitement and learning.  He then talks about his time in Australia and the reasons why he brought a 14ft saltwater crocodile back from Australia to the UK. This leads appropriately into his talk about the environment and why it’s important to look after our planet.

To ensure all the children fully enjoy the experience, Crocodile Joe  will then invite each class back into the hall individually, to get up close and personal with all his wonderful reptile friends. This gives the opportunity for children to interact with Crocodile Joe  one to one and ask him any questions they may have.

Every school that Crocodile Joe visits also gets the chance to have one of his special animals as their mascot for the year.  Once the children have decided which animal they would like, they will be sent correspondence from CJ and the animal, fact sheets and photos – the pupils will also be asked to send drawings of their animal into Crocodile Joe as well as finds out 3 facts about the animal.. they can also follow the animals progress on the website. The Crocodile Joe Experience incorporates key elements of learning in a fun and unique manner -engaging all children,  regardless of social background, culture, race, gender, differences in ability and disabilities: